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Below are a few choices we would suggest utilizing at each and every phase of this customer’s journey

Below are a few choices we would suggest utilizing at each and every phase of this customer’s journey

Understanding Phase

  • Websites. Perfect for upping your natural traffic when combined with a good search engine optimization and keyword strategy.
  • Infographics. Very shareable, meaning they enhance your likelihood of being discovered via social media marketing whenever others share your articles. (have a look at these free infographic templates to enable you to get started.)
  • Quick videos. Once again, they are extremely shareable and will assist your brand get discovered by brand new audiences by hosting them on platforms like YouTube.

Consideration Phase

  • Ebooks. Great for lead generation while they’re generally speaking more comprehensive compared to a post or infographic, meaning somebody is much more prone to trade their contact information to get it.
  • Research reports. Once more, that is a quality content|value that is high piece that is perfect for to generate leads. Analysis reports and data that are new your industry also can work with the understanding phase however, as they are usually picked-up by the media or industry press.
  • Webinars. while they’re an even more detailed, interactive kind of movie content, webinars are a successful consideration stage content structure because they provide more comprehensive content compared to a article or brief film.

Choice Phase

  • Case studies. Having detailed situation studies on your own web site may be a powerful as a type of content if you are prepared to create a buying choice, since it makes it possible to absolutely influence their decision. (more…)